Monday, November 21, 2011

Tabanuco is a Taino word

Did You Know - The Tabanuko (Dacryodes excels) tree is native to the Caribbean region. Its vernacular names also include gommier and candlewood. The word tabanuko (tabanuco) is the indigenous Taino term for the tree that is still used today. It is distinguished by broad low buttresses, smooth gray bark, and compound leaves with five to seven fragrant, dark-green leaflets. When wounded, the tree exudes a clear, fragrant resin that hardens and turns white on exposure. The wood is only slightly resistant to decay, lasting 3 years or less in the ground however the resin of tabonuko for making candles and torches, for caulking boats, for incense, and for medicinal purposes. The endangered Puerto Rican parrot or Higuaka feeds on tabonuco seeds. - UCTP Taino New © 2011