Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Taino Warriors

Did You Know: Although well-renowned for their observance of a culture of peace, the Taino did not willingly succumb to Spanish colonization. In fact, not long after Columbus’s arrival, Taino people in Haiti/Kiskeia successfully revolted against the first Spanish attempts to conquer their ancient island homeland. This Taino offensive against the Spanish invaders was carried out as early as in 1492 with the destruction of the Fort Navidad following Columbus’ return to Spain. Upon his return to the fort, Columbus learned that the Taino had killed all his men in a swift military operation led by Kaonabo, a cheiftain or Kasike of Maguana, an indigenous territory near the center of the island. The rape of Taino women was among the main reasons the Taino turned to hostility. Kaonabo led a resistance against the Spaniards until he was finally captured and imprisoned. Kaonabo is said to have perished at sea while on route to face the Spanish Crown in 1496. - UCTP Taino News (c) 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

Being Called Indian...

Did You Know - The Taíno were the first Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere to be called “Indians”. According to historic sources the misnomer was applied by Christopher Columbus on his first trip to the Caribbean in 1492. This was the beginning of a legacy of “first” for this Caribbean Indigenous First Nation.The word "Taíno" means "good people" in the Taíno language (Tai = good and "no" = is a plural suffix used in this case to mean 'people').– UCTP Taino News © 2007